Why It Matters


Hillsdale’s innovative program attracts young, vibrant and motivated teachers that strive to bring excellent teaching to our students…”

– N. LaPick & M. Chidester, parents

HHS occupies a special place in my heart. Donating is my way of saying ‘thank you’ for a wonderful experience.”

– T. Zucker, alumnus

I would like to see our public schools be as perfect as possible and if our community of parents all donated whatever they felt comfortable with we could maybe achieve that goal.”

– L. Trixler, alum/parent

It seems like it’s the least we can do for the value of education and life experience our daughter is enjoying at HHS!”

– Y. Pang O’Sullivan, parent

We donate because students at HHS get the type of individual attention available at a private school — without the big price tag.”

– T. Cahill & M. Solis, parents