The Hillsdale High School Foundation (HHSF) seeks financial support to sustain Hillsdale High School’s unique academic environment of Small Learning Communities (SLCs), a model that provides a personalized, rigorous, and engaging education.
The Foundation is committed to bringing together Hillsdale’s parent, alumni, and business communities for the benefit of all students at Hillsdale High School.


When I attended 8th Grade Parent Information Night, I knew Hillsdale High School was the right place for my daughter.  Jeff Gilbert, the principal, spoke of the care and love that are part of the Hillsdale culture.  That culture started for my daughter with the Small Learning Communities.  My daughter is a “people person”, and community is very important to her.

I had no idea how impactful this decision would be.  During my daughter’s freshman year, school was online due to COVID, which made school work and socializing a struggle (as it was for so many kids!).  I was in close touch with her teachers, especially her advisor.  We practically had her advisor on speed dial, and I can’t emphasize enough how much that lifted my daughter’s spirits in a very tough year.  She has continued to benefit from the amazing community at Hillsdale.

I am proud to serve as the President of the Foundation’s Board because I know the benefits my daughter has enjoyed at Hillsdale can also help many current and future Hillsdale students, and I give to the Foundation because I know the SLC model makes a huge difference for our kids.  I hope you will join me by supporting the Foundation today!

Holly Allen
Board President, Hillsdale High School Foundation

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Knight Level $5000

Armor Level $2500

Shield Level $1250

Sword Level $850

Orthodontics of San Mateo


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