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Jennifer Russell, Executive Director

Dear Hillsdale Community,

I feel like I’ve gotten on a fast moving train that is going to great places. I am enthusiastic to be part of the energy and excitement of Hillsdale High School and strongly believe together we can all make a real difference in the lives of our children by supporting the various needs of the school through giving to the Foundation.

Hillsdale High School is extremely effective in supporting and inspiring its students through its unique and ground breaking Small Learning Community (SLC) model. Since we hold all students to high standards, we must provide the necessary support systems for students to reach these goals. We must also provide a structure that will enable teachers to employ the best strategies and provide greater personal care for their individual students. This all costs extra money but our children are worth it! Please consider being part of the growing Hillsdale community that supports our school. We are currently about half way towards are goal of $325,000 for this year.

A little over a year ago, we created the Hillsdale Sustainability Board, which is composed of Booster leaders, faculty, administration and HHSF board members. We are seeking to promote a greater sense of community and teamwork in communication, fundraising and fiscal responsibility to better support the Booster groups.

The HHSF board, now in its eighth year, works with parents and alumni to fund all these critical areas for the school. We are very fortunate that Brett Dyer continues his tenure as President of the Foundation with the support of a committed board. I, myself, am pleased to have joined this dedicated team as their new Executive Director in July of this year. I have over a dozen years experience in nonprofit management, consulting and fundraising. I earned my BA in History from Vassar College and my MBA from UC Davis. I have dedicated my career to serving public purpose causes and marshalling resources to institutions doing great things. My most recent position was in communications and fundraising at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Together with Hillsdale families, alumni, friends and community, we are already doing great things and with your help, we can continue to make BIG THINGS happen here at Hillsdale.

Jennifer Russell

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